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I started earning money online since August 2012 and the first payment that I received was 78 Rupee from a website named as Getbuxtoday. Although amount was very small but it gave me a reason to believe that I can money online. After that I started working hard and start earning more and more. 

Since September, 2015 I started writing my monthly online Income. Since it's a financial blog, It is important for me to show my monthly income so that people could believe me.

Most of the time in email that I received form reader, they ask how much I earn per month .This is most frequent question that I receive from readers.

Overall Online Income 

Overall since Aug 2012 I have earned more than 1.5 Lakh rupee online. I have earned money online from Site named ClixSense, Neobux, Incentria, GetbuxToday, ClickSia.

Currently I am working only on ClixSense and stopped earning money from other Sites and reason is from most of the site earning was very slow and few sites like ClickSia, Incentia are even closed now.

I also earned money from free mobile recharge site like Laaptu, Ultoo. Currently I am getting free recharge from Laaptu only.

Besides that I earned money online by investing money in Indian stock market. I am long term investor and buy share for long term.

ClixSense   $2041.52= 122491.2 INR ($1 if I consider as 60 Rupee)

Laaptu         24,255.40 INR

I am mainly generating income from two resources now.

ClixSense and Laaptu

March 2016 Online Income 

ClixSense    $126.17 = 8201.05 INR ($1 if I consider as 65 Rupee)

Laaptu         471.30 INR free mobile recharge

So I earned around 8671.05 Rupee online in March 2016 

November 2015 Online Income 

ClixSense    $138.88 = 8610.56 INR ($1 if I consider as 62 Rupee)

Laaptu         605.80 INR free mobile recharge

Since October 2015, I am publishing my weekly earning on Facebook page of this site. For getting weekly update of my online earning don't forget to like this site on Facebook.

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