How to check your clixgrid status​

​There are 3 section on ClixGrid page.

​1 My ClixGrid Status

​2 Recent Winners

3 Last 5$/10$ Winner

My ClixGrid status shows 3 things. First is How many chances are left for you for today and how many total chance you got for today. Second thing is how may clixgrid clicks you have done today and how many you have clicked till now since beginning and third and last thing  it shows how much money you have won today and 

​Recent Winner section  will display list of recent winners.

Those who are latest winner of $5 or $10 can be viewed in Last $5/$10 winner List.

How will I receive winning amount in my bank account ?

Let us suppose you won $10 playing ClixGrid game, then $10 will display immediately in your ClixSense account. You can click on Cashout Button and transfer money in your PayPal account and from PayPal account easily you can transfer money in your bank account​​.

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In this article I have tried to explain how to earn real money by playing games online without investment . You don't need to deposit any money to play this game. There are many online gambling site which ask you to deposit money first then they allow you to win real money but this is not a case for ClixGrid game. You can earn money online by playing games free in India.

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To know how to play ClixGrid game watch below video.


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​​​How Clixgrid actually works?


First understand thing that there is nothing in the box. When user click on any box in ClixGrid it opens a new page where you have to watch an advertisement for 10 sec (For premium member 5 sec), when you are clicking on any box at the same time thousand of other people are also clicking on box . As everyone's (those clicking on same time) clixgrid advertise complete, ClixSense server randomly choose one winner. That's why at a time only one winner you can see on ClixSense Winner list.

So don't think if you will click on corner box or middle box there will be some prize

ClixGrid trick to Win

Honestly speaking then there is no trick to win ClixGrid game. But there are few ways using that you can increase your chance of winning.

1 Try to play ClixGrid at the time when you think that less number of people will be online. Although its very difficult to find out but it can increase your chance of winning. For example at 11 Am in morning 4000 people are online on ClixSense  then possibility is around half people 2000 playing ClixGrid game. Similarly think at around 8 PM 9000 people are online on ClixSense then possibility is around half people that is 4500 people playing ClixGrid. So conclusion is if you will play 8 PM chance of winning is high 

2  If you will play more, chances of winning will be high. Let us suppose when you click first time on ClixGrid there are 1265 people clicked on grid same time and there advertise also finish at same  time as yours. Server will chose one winner randomly and I am assuming you are not winner. Now when you click on 2nd time on ClixGrid and 1354 people finishes advertise on same time. Since now server will chose another winner chances you will be winner increases. 

How much I have won from ClixGrid 

Well I have not been show much lucky in ClixGrid but yes I have won total $6.40 till now. I have won $1 two time.

Find screen shot of my winning below

Visitor Information​​

Earn Money Online in india By Playing Games

Last updated on  1 Jan 2016

Yes, it's possible. Any Indian can make money online by playing game. Game name is ClixGrid. It's purely game of luck. You don't need to pay any money to play this game. Any one can start playing this game and if you are lucky you can win upto $10 (600 INR) in one chance. You can also win .1$, .25$, .5$, $1, $5 in any chance

How to play ClixGrid Game ?

To play this game follow these steps

1 First of all you need to create account on site which provide opportunity to play this game. You can create on this site free. Go to 

If you need any help regarding creating account on ClixSense, check article How to create account on ClixSense 

2 Fill all the details to complete process of account creation

3 Once your account created. Login into account and select ClixGrid tab->Select Play the game

4 To play the game, Just click anywhere on the picture. Each click will open up a website that you will have to view for up to 10 secs after that you will come to know whether you are winner or not

5 You will get total 60 chance/Per day to play this game.

6 Let us suppose you are lucky any day and you win $10, then this money will be display in your site account instantly. You can transfer money from your ClixSense account to PayPal account and then from PayPal account to bank account in India.


To learn how to withdraw money from PayPal to bank account check out article Transfer money from PayPal to Bank 

Note You can also view list of latest winner of this game on right side of picture. When you are winner your name will also display in right side and money will be credited instantly in your account.