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I have explained you How to make money by installing apps. complete mobile app installation and earn money. There are few android and iphone apps available which may help you to earn

Step 8 

Enter your Email Id
Accept terms and condition
Click on Send to my Phone

You need to provide email Id that you can open in your Android mobile phone. In your email ID you will be get an activation link . Now open email in your mobile phone and using activation link, install Application in your mobile phone. Open this application at least once and use it.

Step 9

Wait for 15 minute, Check your ClixSense Account. You will see amount get credited in your account.
You can also verify completion of offer by Seeing Completed Offers .
Since I didn't complete this offer it's showing 0 but once you will install app successfully it will be display 1

Step 5

Now let us suppose you have Android phone. So select Android tab. There you can see lot of application that you can install on your Android phone.

You can see in front of each app there are ClixCents mentioned.

One ClixCents is equal to $.01 so if in front of any application 4 ClixCents mention it means you will get .$04 dollar in your ClixSense site account after installing this application in your mobile.

So let us suppose you install 50 Application in your mobile and from each application you got 4 ClixCents . you will get 50* .04= $2 = 120 Rupee (Considering $1 = 60 Rupee)

Step 6 

Select Any app that you want to install in your Android Phone. Keep the mouse cursor on the image and you will see some information like below image​​​​​

Best Android apps to earn money in India

mCent is basically an app which gives you money for downloading apps and trying them. All though there are many more ways to make money from this app.

1) Downloading Apps The most common way to make money with mcent is downloading apps. You can download apps from the mcent to earn some moeny.

2 ) Paid Surveys Mcent also gives you surveys if you complete them then also you will get some money for that.

3) Inviting Friends you can invite your friends to use mcent and you will get some money for that.

4) Inviting friends for downloading some app  there is some apps which you need to recommend to your friends so when your friend downloads that app and try you earn some money.

5) Watching Videos – mcents pays you for watching videos.

6) Other ways  There are some other ways to make money with mcent like- promote brands on social media and participate in other offers.​​

Once you will get 10 Rupee in your mCent account, you can recharge your mobile with this money. You can't transfer earned money from mCent into your bank account.

You can download mCent directly from Google play store.​

Best Iphone Apps to earn money

Field Agent is an IOS platform app.

In this app, You turn into a field agent for some field work, carrying out small missions in your neighborhood. You’ll get instructions of what to do and where to go, places like your local shopping mall, grocery store, or any landmark. The jobs must be completed within 2 hours, and is on a first come, first served.

What you get: Each job is worth between $2 and $12 (paid via PayPal)

Step 7 ​ 

Click on the image now.  You will see screen like below. ​​

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Earn money by installing apps

Last Updated On  1 Jan 2016

Guys if you have android phone or iPhone or iPad then there is opportunity for you to make money. You have to just install app in your mobile and you will get money for that. Later on you can transfer earned money in your bank account.

There is site called  where you can earn money simply by installing app

Below I am gonna tell you step by step process of installing app and making money.

Step 1 First of all you should have account on site named ClixSense. To create account on this site go to site signup page

Enter first name. last name, email, confirm email, password,confirm password. and then click on signup button.

For more details read this article How to create account on ClixSense

Step 2  Once your account created, login to the website with user name and password

Step 3  Click on Offers tab. You can see different offer provided from 

  • ​  ClixOffers
  •   TrialPa​y
  •   RadiumOne
  • ​  Matomy
  •    SuperRewards
  •   TokenAds
  •   OfferToro
  •   Adscend​​

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Step 10

Once you received money in your ClixSense account. You can transfer this money in your PayPal account and from PayPal account to bank account in India.

Similary you can try Mobile app installation offer from TokenAds,, Trialpay and others.

Note- If this application is of no use to you. Just uninstall it once you received money in your ClixSense account 

Step 4​   Select all offers provided from Matomy, 

              Select tab Mobile Apps
              Here you can see tabs ALL, iPhone, iPade, Androd