ClixSense Review 2016

Last updated on  23 Jan 2016

Q Can you rent referrals in ClixSense 

A No

Q Can you create more than one account in ClixSense
A  No, ClixSense allow only one account per house.

Q How ClixSense will find out you have more than one account 
A  There are mainly two ways 

     1  IP Address
     2  MAC address (Hardware address)

IP address is unique address of your router (Simply understand address of your internet connection). Whenever you connect your computer, laptop or mobile through internet, You get one IP address.

MAC address is unique address of your network adapter (Simply understand address of your computer)

Whenever you visit any site over Internet these two address can be captured by website easily. Every computer or laptop or mobile have its own unique MAC address. Similarly every router that you use for Internet connection has its own unique IP address . Even if you are using net setter or modem for Internet connection still there will be one unique IP address.

If you want to know IP address of your internet connection Visit this link

If you want to know MAC address of your laptop or mobile or laptop then read this wonderful article How to find MAC address

Now if you are using router this IP address will same all the time whenever you will check on this link. This is called static IP address and if you are using modem for internet connection every time you will connect, your IP address will be different, that is dynamic IP address.

so if you will try to create more than one account on ClixSense you can easily be caught and your account will be suspended

Q You have two computer system in your home one is laptop and one is desktop. Now can you create two account on ClixSense ?
A  No, Since both computer and laptop are using same internet connection (Same router), in this case IP address will be same for both computer and laptop and ClixSense allow one account per one IP address.

Q  Can ClixSense sus​pend my account 
A  ClixSense can suspend your account if you violate their terms and condition.

 Most common reason for suspension of ClixSense account
A  If you are creating multiple ClixSense account then surely your account will be suspended.

Q  What is premium membership or account upgrade ?
A  When any one join ClixSense he become standard member of ClixSense. To become premium member on ClixSense you have to pay $17. After paying $17 you will be premium member on ClixSense. Premium member get more chance to earn money compare to standard member. The process of becoming premium member from standard member is called as account upgrade.For information related to premium membership read article ClixSense premium membership

Q In how many days I can transfer money from ClixSense to my bank account
A First you have to transfer money from ClixSense to PayPal account it will take 3-4 days and then from PayPal to bank which will again take 3-4 days time. So within 7- 8 days you can receive money in your bank account. For your doubts related to ClixSense payment option and money transfer check out this link  ClixSense Helpdesk FAQ

Q How will you receive money from ClixSense?
A  There are 3 ways to receive money from PayPal in your bank account.

    1 Cheque
    2 PayPal
    3 Paytoo

I don't use Cheque or Paytoo to receive money. I prefer PayPal method to receive money in my bank A/C

Q Why don't I prefer Cheque method
A  For receiving money through cheque you must have $100 in your ClixSense account.

While receiving money through PayPal you need only $8 as standard member or $6 as     premium member to withdraw money.

​Second thing Cheque may be lost. Third thing is For Cheque you have to go to bank and submit cheque. While if you are using PayPal you don't need to go any where. You can transfer money from PayPal to bank online.

For information related to transferring money from ClixSense to PayPal and then from PayPal to bank account read these two article 

How to withdraw money from clixsense account

How to withdraw money PayPal to Indian bank account 

Not only for ClixSense even if you are doing any transaction online I would advice you to use PayPal because its very easy and also very safe.

Q Any other site similar to ClixSense?
A Yes there are some other site similar to ClixSense but most of them are scam. I had account on many sites but now I am left with only ClixSense because with other site your earning will be very slow and it will take an year to get you your first payment.

Why ClixSense is best compare to other sites ?

ClixSense is best compare to its other competitor like Neobux, LinkGird, Scarlet-clicks, Cashtream, Getbuxtoday and so many.

I am not saying all other site except ClixSense are scam but most of them are. I received payment from many sites and you can see Payment proof on this Facebook page

IndianIncome Facebook Page

The problem with most of the sites are

1) Earning will be very slow and to earn $2 (Almost 60 RS), you have to wait for 2-3 months

2) Most of the sites are having concept of Rented Referral where you can get referral from site on rent, Which is not a very good concept. Its just a way of looting your hard earned money. ClixSense don't have this concept and one of the biggest reason why I like ClixSense.

3) Most of the site don't do payments on time and become scam. ClixSense always do payments on time according to their policy. If they are not able to do so they will inform you as a priority. When you will login to ClixSense You will see a message related to

cashout delay.


Don't try to create more than 1 account on ClixSense. ClixSense don't allow it and they can easily find it out and your account will be terminated. ClixSense allow only one account per house. In technical words ClixSense allow only one account per IP address or 1 account per MAC address.

​​Q  What is Sponsor in ClixSense ?
A  Let us suppose person 'A' is having account on ClixSense and person 'B' join the ClixSense through referral link of person 'A' then person 'A' will be call as sponsor of person 'B'. Person 'A' can be sponsor of person 'C' or person 'D'

Q  What is referral in ClixSense ?
A  Let us suppose person 'A' is having account on ClixSense and person 'B' join the ClixSense through referral link of person 'A' then person 'B' will be call as referral of person 'A'.

Q What is referral link and how can I find it?
A Referral link is simple ClixSense link that you can find on ClixSense site. To find out referral link follow below steps

Go to Account Summary Page
Go to My Affiliate Detail section
Here you can find referral link (Affiliate link)

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In this article I have completed ClixSense Review for India people. ClixSense is genuine paying site and I if I can make money from this site than why can't others.

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ClixSense is most trusted online site for Indian people. It is one the best site for Indian to make money. I have completed review of ClixSense. Clear all your doubt related to ClixSense.

Q  Is ClixSense scam

A  No

Q ClixSense is fake or real 
A  Real

Q  Does ClixSense really pay

A  Yes 

Q  Is ClixSense paying to Indian?

A  Yes. You can discuss more about ClixSense  Payment on forum of this website where you can find lot of people from different state of India. ClixSense Indian Forum in Hindi

You can ask question on forum and clear your doubt.

Q  How can I say ClixSense is real ?

A   I have earned more than $2000 (1,50,000 INR) from ClixSense and that's why I can say ClixSense is real. Till now I have received128 payments from ClixSense successfully.

Q Do I have any proof ?

A  Yes I have. See the proof below in screen shot that I captured from my ClixSense account. Screen shot shows the amount that ClixSense transferred recently in my PayPal account. For more detail check ClixSense payment proof